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Valentine's Day Exchange

Recently I mentioned to our lovely mod, ascendant_angel, that I miss Andromeda horribly and want to spark the love again. I thought perhaps a small holiday gift exchange sort of thing would do the trick.

So, with her blessing, I bring you a Valentine's Day Exchange.


original image from http://www.andromeda-web.com/

What is is it?

A challenge/exchange open to all fannish creators: writers, vidders, icon-makers, fan artists, podficcers, meta-picspammers, squee-ers, acrobats and Nietzscheans. Named in honor of Beka Valentine, but open to all characters of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda series.

How does it work?

Sign-ups open today, January 11th and will close on Saturday, January 18th.

Comment to this post with your sign-up information. After sign-ups close we'll match you with another participant and you'll receive a PM with details on someone to create for.

Assignments are due on February 14th. ♥


What am I getting myself into?

By signing up, you agree to provide a fannish post made for a fellow Andromeda fan with at least 25 points of medium which outlined below and completely stolen from everythingshiny's holiday exchange - thanks haha ♥:

The point of having points (oh see what i did there ;D) is to give you a bracket of how much you need to make. You can mix and match, and this is just a GUIDELINE. you yourself know how much effort goes into something. You know if your gifs are worth 1 point or 5. Be generous.

ICON - 2-5 points
50 words - 2 points
gifs - 4ish points
larger graphics (eg friends only banners/sig banners)- 5ish points
Wallpapers - 5-8ish points
videos - 25-50 points
recs/warm fuzzies/etc - 0.5 points
Something else - TBA or use your own judgement.

So something like 500-600 words of fic or 10 icons would work. You can always do more, but I don't want this to be HIGH PRESSURE - it's fun! Have fun. Make a little something fun for a fellow fan.

In the sign-up, you're asked to list things like your favorite characters, ships and additional things you like to help your creator get an idea of what to make for you CUPID find you a MATCH. ♥

RE: three things you don't want: <---tell your assignee up to three themes or tropes you don't want (ie. 'squicks' such as character death, BDSM, etc.). Creators, please abide by all of these.

Additionally, as a creator you can let us know things you can and can't make to help CUPID aim his arrow at your PERFECT VALENTINE. ♥

Please use the following format for your sign-up:

What if I can't complete my assignment on time?

Try to post as close to February 14th as possible. If you find that you won't be able to complete your assignment please let us know as soon as possible. The sooner we assign pinch hitters, the higher the likelihood that everyone will have something posted for them for Valentine's Day.

How & where do I post my assignment?

Assignments are due on Friday, February 14th. Post to the community with the subject line: GIFTEE: WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? (replacing 'GIFTEE' with your recipient's name)

You can post directly to the community (use lj-cuts where appropriate, community tags, etc.) or you can post in your own journal, tumblr, AO3, YouTube, etc and post a link in the community.

Questions? Let me know. Feel free to promote! :)
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