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Oh Jonathon!
Season 1, Episode 7 The Ties that Bind

Originally aired 13 November 2000

Beka's brother and his friend come aboard, with her brother claiming to have converted to Wayism. However, it soon becomes clear that they have an agenda of their own, connected to the 'Restors', a group of environmentalists attempting to prevent all space travel.

I don’t have a great deal to say about this episode otherwise. I like Tyr training Trance in the background, doing a better job at team bonding than Dylan at this point. I love Trance’s kiya.

But I find the whole plot boring and kind of pointless. Why does Dylan need to intervene every time he goes past some random person? It’s as though he has no big picture that he is aiming at.

I am interested that only Beka and Harper have families of origin. Is there any mention of Hunt’s family other than Sarah?
Oh Jonathon!
Season 1, Episode 6 Angel Dark, Demon Bright

Originally aired 6 November 2000

When a slipstream error throws the Andromeda back in time to the climactic battle of Nietzschean-Commonwealth war, Dylan and his crew must not only decide whether or not to interfere, but which side to interfere on. Ultimately, it is discovered that the Nietzscheans arrived at the Witchhead Nebula with 1,500 ships, three times more than was said to have been in the battle. The crew realize that their intervention is necessary to preserve history, and Dylan devises a strategy to decimate the massive fleet. When this plan succeeds, Tyr reveals that he knew the truth about the fleet size discrepancy all along--from a Nietzschean legend in which Andromeda's actions were attributed to "the Angel of Death"--but that no one at the time knew what really happened. With history back on track, Andromedareturns to her own time.

I had missed this episode the first time around and it is pretty powerful stuff.

I’m impressed at how they made it seem like there was a massive battle, without taxing their special effects too much. I like the way you get insight into the characters at the same time as major political events occur. Harper’s gung ho blood-thirstiness is fascinating, as he often seems to be toned down and made cuter in fanfic. Whereas in the show he’s all, here’s a weapon of mass destruction, let’s go for it.
4th-Feb-2017 06:20 pm - Season 1, Episode 5 – Double Helix
Oh Jonathon!
Season 1, Episode 5 – Double Helix

Season 1, Episode 5 – Double Helix

Originally aired 30 October 2000

The Andromeda finds a Nietzschean colony conducting pirate raids on a nearby Than planet. Dylan hopes that saving the Than will win support for his cause, but Tyr's loyalties are divided when the colony presents him with the opportunity to have a mate and a home if he gives them the Andromeda.

I like the insight into Nietzchean society, though frankly I find the emphasis on reproduction so extreme that it makes no sense for women to do anything but follow their men, hoping to produce kids. So why does she not go back to the ship with him?
28th-Jan-2017 01:17 pm - Season 1, Episode 4 D Minus Zero
Oh Jonathon!
Season 1, Episode 4 D Minus Zero

Originally aired 23 October 2000

Dylan and the crew of the Andromeda face off against an unknown enemy when they discover a ship's recorder, forcing Dylan to deal with the tensions between him and his new crew.

This is the first time I’ve seen this episode.

When Andromeda first aired I used to get it through a network of kind American fans who would tape them and post them to Australia. Australians with the right sort of video player could then show them to their friends, copy them and pass them on.

Sometimes the transition from NTSC to PAL video did not go smoothly. The first time I saw *Sports Night*, for instance, we had audio but no video. Nonetheless, the dialogue was so sparkling that it was worth listening to.

It was another time, back when you used to have to order zines from the US, using bank cheques, to receive fic sight unseen.

Truly we now live in a golden age of fandom, where it is possible to see and read a whole lot more.

Or, at least, a silver age.

I am still annoyed by shows that are only released in Region 1 format or that are stripped of extras before being sold in Region 4. And don’t get me started on the Australian Netflix which has approximately 10 per cent of the content of the American one. The way Amazon won’t ship DVDs to Australia.

But, still, relatively speaking, this is a good time for fans.

Hmmm, not much about the actual episode. But I did like it.
Oh Jonathon!
Season 1, Episode 3 – To Loose the Fateful Lightning

Originally aired 16 October 2000

Season 1, Episode 3 – To Loose the Fateful Lightning

Originally aired 16 October 2000

Dylan is manipulated into unlocking powerful weapons stores when the Andromeda discovers a Commonwealth space station populated by children who believe that he is the legendary "High Guard" who has come to bring peace by destroying their enemies.

This is the episode where Dylan confronts what the world has become and how hard it will be to work towards his vision. I find the choice to have him interacting with children an interesting one. A more simplistic approach would have been to have had cynical, war weary adults and some children hinting at the possibility of change over time.

So, Dylan does some learning in this episode and we also get some background on Harper’s traumatic childhood.

I read Harper as the entry character of the show, the one whom we are meant to identify with. He dresses like Xander from Buffy or Wash from Firefly, and he is ‘less attractive’ than the actors playing Tyr and Hunt. In that special Hollywood way where less attractive means amazingly attractive but in a baggy shirt and not as tall as the other two. Also, of course, we all like to think we are clever, so his genius is a way of flattering the audience.
14th-Jan-2017 12:22 pm - 1.2 An Affirming Flame
Oh Jonathon!
Season 1, Episode 2 – An Affirming Flame

Originally aired 9 October 2000

Dylan must protect the Andromeda from the mercenary crew as it is tugged away from the black hole's time-distorting gravity, while Beka and her friends on the Eureka Maru discover they may be fighting for the wrong person.

This episode pretty deftly brings all the main characters together on board the Andromeda. Hunt’s motivations for wanting them are clear – he’s just lost everything and is in massive denial. In order to try to rebuild the Commonwealth, he needs some crew and he must be clinging to the only people he’s met so far.

Trance sees it as an adventure – and, knowing her character arc as I rewatch, I assume she angled for the job with Beka in order to get to this point. Harper points out the luxuries on board the Andromeda and is also, as he says, ‘in love’ with the ship. Beka’s less sure of it, but willing to go along as long as she retains the Maru. Tyr’s motivations are, I think, deliberately not fully addressed in his dialogue with Hunt. It seems plausible that he would want to upgrade from working as a mercenary and the ship certainly offers opportunities he would not otherwise have.

Neatly plotted, all ready to go into the main plot arc in the next episode.
7th-Jan-2017 02:38 pm - Rewatch - Hello!
Oh Jonathon!
Season 1, Episode 1 – Under the Light

Originally aired 2 October 2000

Captain Dylan Hunt is betrayed by his 1st officer when the Nietzschean prides betray the Systems Commonwealth. Stranded in his ship, the Andromeda Ascendant, near the event horizon of a black hole, Dylan is frozen in time for 300 years, until a mercenary salvage crew tries to claim the ancient ship for themselves.

I think this is an admirable pilot, with its preliminary sleight of hand. There’s the quote implying that the Commonwealth has fallen, and then we’re seeing a sleek starship, very familiar, very Star Ship Enterprise. It looks like an emergency! But no! It was only a drill!

Lots of characters introduced in not much time. What a shame the insectoid navigator doesn’t survive. I’d love to have seen more of the non-humanoid races.

Hunt is introduced with Gaheris. More sleight of hand there, I think, as they are talking about Hunt’s relationship with Sarah but what you see is his relationship with Gaheris.

And then betrayal! Hunt has a very bad day, beginning with a Nietzchian invasion, being betrayed by his best friend, killing his best friend, crouching over his body and…. waking up three hundred years later to find that every person he loves is dead and the institutions he has served have fallen.

What I like most about the pilot is the difference in aesthetics between the Andromeda Ascendant and the Maru, with all it implies about the different worlds they come from. The Andromeda is big, clean, sleek, futuristic, and crewed by people with standardised uniforms and haircuts. The Maru is small, grubby, and the engineering and interior fixtures seem cobbled together and lived in. It is the difference between the Enterprise and Firefly’s Serenity.

I also like most of the costuming. Beka, Harper and Trance wear different varieties of casual but functional clothing. Rev Ben’s costuming annoys me because it is so cheesy and always slightly out of focus, like they were too embarrassed to film it close up in case you see how fake the fur is. And Gerontex’s costuming annoys me in that is should be flashy and showy but also more expensive than the Maru crew’s clothes, whereas it is made out of some terribly cheap synthetic material that makes him look broke when he had enough thrones to set up an expensive deal. A minor quibble about a peripheral character.

They again introduce the new characters smoothly, with what they are looking for highlighting their characters – the ship for Beka, grace for Rev Ben, physical gratification for Harper and happiness for Trance.

And then conflict, conflict, conflict, culminating in the most dramatic entrance ever by Tyr.

I understand if no one else is interested, but I’m so excited by rewatching that I will keep track of my thoughts!
25th-Nov-2016 08:46 pm - Hello and an invitation
Oh Jonathon!
I have just been rewatching *Andromeda* because I got the new DVD release. It would be more accurate to say I'm watching it as I only saw the first season and a half the first time around, back when the way Australian fans watched new releases was by having kind American fans post video tapes over.

I would love to do a rewatch, and I propose we start one episode a week, starting next week.

Is anyone interested?
12th-Mar-2016 10:40 pm - Harper/Trance Video
Hi everyone! I had the idea for this video bouncing around in my head for years now, and I've finally made it. It's Harper/Trance set to "Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. I thought the song was perfect for them, and it follows Trance's memories of Harper dying in her original timeline, her opportunity to save him, and getting Harper to trust her again and see that she's the same Trance that she's always been.

15th-Feb-2016 12:25 am - Happy Beka Day!
Beka Party hat
In honor of Beka day* I have shared with you Beka's profile from the Andromeda Handbook. Click pic's for full size.

Beka profile Beka profile 2 Beka profile 3 Beka profile 4 Beka profile 5 Beka profile 6 Beka profile 7

*It's still Beka day on this planet some where
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