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25th-Nov-2016 08:46 pm - Hello and an invitation
Oh Jonathon!
I have just been rewatching *Andromeda* because I got the new DVD release. It would be more accurate to say I'm watching it as I only saw the first season and a half the first time around, back when the way Australian fans watched new releases was by having kind American fans post video tapes over.

I would love to do a rewatch, and I propose we start one episode a week, starting next week.

Is anyone interested?
12th-Mar-2016 10:40 pm - Harper/Trance Video
Hi everyone! I had the idea for this video bouncing around in my head for years now, and I've finally made it. It's Harper/Trance set to "Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. I thought the song was perfect for them, and it follows Trance's memories of Harper dying in her original timeline, her opportunity to save him, and getting Harper to trust her again and see that she's the same Trance that she's always been.

15th-Feb-2016 12:25 am - Happy Beka Day!
Beka Party hat
In honor of Beka day* I have shared with you Beka's profile from the Andromeda Handbook. Click pic's for full size.

Beka profile Beka profile 2 Beka profile 3 Beka profile 4 Beka profile 5 Beka profile 6 Beka profile 7

*It's still Beka day on this planet some where
3rd-Nov-2015 08:13 pm - Andromeda Halloween
I've been on an Andromeda kick lately, and I was Purple Trance for Halloween while my husband was Harper. The purple makeup was a disaster! I'm not sure how people apply it and have it look good! If anyone knows how and has any tips for next year, I'd be thankful. <3 Pictures under the cut. :) It"s the Thought that Counts...Collapse )
24th-Jun-2015 11:05 am - Andromeda "Game"
I've been playing this scifi game called FTL (http://store.steampowered.com/app/212680/). You are running around in a spaceship and the Rebel army keeps advancing towards you, and they're rebeling against the Federation. I couldn't help but think that it was almost perfect for Andromeda, with the Rebels being the Magog World ship, and the Federation as the Commonwealth. So I overwrote the files so the Rebels are the Magog, the Federation is the Commonwealth, and I renamed the alien races after races from Andromeda, like Perseids, Consensus of Parts, Nightsiders, Nietzcheans. So when I get a crew I name my spaceship the Eureka Maru or Andromeda, and name my characters Beka and Harper, etc.

I was thrilled with it, but of course no one I tell really gets it, so I just wanted to share it with some Andromeda fans. :P
14th-Apr-2015 03:44 pm - The trurth in unexpected places
I know this was 10 years ago now but I'm going to convention for another fandom soon and it made me think.

So I went to The Kevin Sorbon  Event  (a uk Andomeda convention) convention way back in the early part of this centuary , this was right before seriers 4 aired over here I remember this because I remember talking to Steve Basic at the drinks reception, I think he was a little suprised that he wasn't getting quite as much attention as the other guests, and I pointed out that we didn't really know his charcter yet and had only seen him in three episodes so far. Oh and he fake strangled me shortly after (because I was wearing a halter neck top apparently) yes I've had Steve Basics hands around my neck, and my waist, also my shoulders too, but I do digress.

Any way this is the intersting bit.

When it was Gordon Micheal Woolvetts Q&A and he was taking questions I asked what the future plans were for Harper, he joked and said maybe Harper would own his own bar, because that would be cool, and we all laughed at this 'joke' as seemed so far fetched at the time, but oh my god that actually happened! He told us all a major plot point and we laughted because we thought it was a joke.
14th-Feb-2015 04:50 pm - Happy Beka Day
I wanted to mark the day with my two favourite Valentines.
I haven't a clue what I'm doing with graphics but sometimes I play in gimp for Tumblr spam, and I kinda liked how this one turned out.

So happy Beka (and Sonya) day. I hope the inclusion of Sonya Valentine is okay, since it's our own Lexa Doig.

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